Meet Our Artisans

Putting our people and the planet first.

Suksma places a strong emphasis on Fair Trade and supporting artisans and craftspeople to enable their communities to prosper. We are strong advocates of putting people and the planet first.



Artisans & Hand Made

Artisans are masters of their craft. Our exclusive textiles are all made by hand in limited quantities using traditional methods. Not only does buying from our handmade range support smaller families, it also ensures a higher quality product than what you will find in large retailers that have been mass produced by machine. In addition, our makers are committed to providing ongoing training for local communities to ensure the cycle of self sufficiency continues.

Bringing our vision to life

Though the pandemic is over and tourists have returned to Bali, we remained committed to supporting our artisans. In turn, our current makers continue to provide ongoing training to further develop these newer industries and create a more stable economic platform for local communities.