Why buy handmade products?

Why buy handmade products?

When I established the business, my goal was to only source products that have been ethically made and handcrafted. Why you may ask...because I believe in kindness to both people and the environment.

Sometimes handcrafted items may cost more than those mass produced, here are a few things to consider. We think this makes them more than worth it.

Artisans use the creative skills that have been honed through the years to make beautiful items that celebrate their craftsmanship. The thoughtfulness transfers to the buyer, who can appreciate the effort and skill that has gone in to creating their purchase.

Hand crafted products are made to the highest quality. The maker understands and considers the value of each piece that passes through their hands to yours.

Handmade is eco friendly and kind to the environment
No factories or industry are involved in the creation of handmade products thus reducing carbon emissions. All of Suksma products are created in the hands of artisans in ethical workshops and villages in Bali and the surrounding islands.

Handmade is sustainable
All of Suksma products are made from predominantly natural and sustainable materials such as seagrass, cane, bamboo, shells, cotton and linen. 

Handmade nurtures
You support a a local community, a local village, a local economy when you buy handmade. In impoverished places like Bali, each sale makes a huge difference to the lives of real people. You are supporting a child going to school, a meal on a family table, a roof over their heads instead of increasing the profits of huge corporate brands.

Handmade is unqiue
Handmade is not mass produced, the number of items that can be created by hand is far less than those made in factories. When you buy handmade, you are buying a guarantee of authenticity and that no other piece will be exactly the same.

Handmade is good for your soul
When you buy handmade you are not supporting mass market products, unethical sourcing or low cost labour. You are making a conscious choice to help support the well being and livelihoods of real people.

So please consider buying ethically sourced handmade products whereever you can. Suksma 🙏

You can see our artisans working on our Emas Cushion Cover in an ethical workshop in Denpasar here.


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