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The beauty of buying natural rattan products

The beauty of buying natural rattan products

When buying furniture or home decor, it's important to pay attention to the materials used in production. Imitation rattan products are readily available and inexpensive, but here are some good reasons why you should pay a little bit more to get the real deal.

* Rattan is an eco friendly renewable resource 

Its harvesting causes less impact on the environment as it can be harvested by hand among established trees. Rattan can regenerate itself within five to seven years, thus ensuring a continuous supply of eco-friendly goods while preserving ecosystem processes, protecting endangered animal habitats, and ensuring the livelihood of rural communities.

* Rattan is flexible

Rattan is a popular choice with it's artisans due to it's high level of flexibility. It can be moulded and woven in to intricate designs making high quality homewares. It is also relatively easy to stain and paint.

*Rattan is durable and lasts

When it comes to durability, natural rattan is an excellent choice. It can sustain high temperatures and humidity, and can last much longer than wood products. It is also resistant to rotting and water damage.

All of these benefits are in stark contrast to imitation rattan used in cheap poor quality products. PE rattan is entirely man made from synthetic materials in factories with high levels of pollution and green house gas emissions. And imitation rattan products will not last nor tolerate heat and extreme conditions like natural rattan.

So next time you are looking rattan products, please consider these important points. Rattan is built to last and is well worth investing that little bit more to buy genuine rattan for the quality and the environmental benefits.

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